Tallinn Cup
First International curling tournament in Estonia

Estonian Curling Tour


Tallinn Cup, Jeti Cup and MEDVED Curling Cup

join forces to form Estonian Curling Tour


Tallinn Cup (TC) founder Fred Randver and Medved Curling Cup (MCC) organizers Anton Porotikov and Aleksandr Orlov have formed Estonian Curling Tour (ECT). Main goal of ECT will be to attract our long lasting loyal customers plus to add something extra for newcomers.


TC founder Fred Randver: ”After TC 2011 we felt we need some changes in the TC tournament system plus we need to find ways to attract curling players also in spring as there was no international tournament in Estonia. If you have done something for a long time in a same way, you need to motivate yourself and your team by creating new challenges. Fortunately we found Mr. Orlov and Mr. Porotikov who organized first MEDVED Curling Cup in Jeti ice arena which for the first tournament was a success.”


Alexander Orlov and Anton Porotikov, the creators of MCC add to that: There are several curling tours that are made for professionals and it is not easy to get to the list of participants there. We want to let anyone to be a part of such continuous event. By working together with Mr. Randver we created such Event. We are convinced that curling as a sport needs more projects of this kind to increase its popularity. We are confident that the organization of such event will attract media, spectators and new players to the sport. Three events taking place throughout the year hold attention of those people during several months. Substantial prize fund will make the challenge during this tour even more exciting”.


ECT main goal is to find out the best team who will be named Champion of ECT.


The rules for ECT are following:
1. 3 competitions TC 2012, JC 2013 and MCC 2013 are part of ECT.

2. Points are given to each team depending on their final result in every competition.

3. Team is considered 'the same' during the ECT: if a skip and one more player are the same or at least 3 players are the same in the team if skip is changed.

4. 2 best results of max 3 will be used for each team. It means that it is not necessary to apply for all 3 events.

5. Coefficients for fhe final sum are TC 1.2, JC 1.0, MC 1.3.

6. Guaranteed prize for the first place is EUR 1 000 for the winning team.

7. There is a pot that consists of Jeti Bonus EUR 300 and bids from other teams that play at any of these 3 events.

8. Every team can make a bet of EUR 20/30 or 40 to the pot depending the timing. So if 10 teams made 20 EUR bids, pot size will be 300 + 20x10 = EUR 500

9. Bids sums are following:
            - during TC 20 EUR 
             - after TC until the end of JC 30 EUR
            - after JC until MCC 40 EUR
10. If a team that made its bid wins the ECT, it receives Guaranteed prize and the whole pot collected.

11. If a team that did not make a bid wins, it receives only Guaranteed prize. The pot transfers to the next season and will grow with new bids.