Tallinn Cup
First International curling tournament in Estonia

Tournament format

To simplify it:

  • We value the Spirit of Curling. Have fun but respect your opponents.
  • TC has always been and is a Fun & Sociable bonspiel.
  • 4 games guaranteed, top 6 teams will play 5 games.
  • 85 minutes time limit + one end, maximum 8 ends.
  • Teams ranked by wins, ends, draw shot challenge and stone difference, Schenkel system.


In more detail:

  • TC would like to remind everybody to follow The Spirit Of Curling!
  • Games are played according to World Curling Federation rules.
  • Pure Schenkel system over five (or four) rounds. The opponent for each subsequent round will be defined by ranking. Two teams cannot play each other twice at any stage in the competition.
  • There will be no T-shot before the game, therefore we ask teams to decide the right of the last stone before the first end by tossing a coin.
  • 1 hour and 25 minutes (85 minutes) after the start of the game there will be a signal. This means that the current end must be completed, and one further end shall be played (to a maximum of 8 ends). There are no extra ends at any stage in the competition. The end starts when the first stone has crossed the T-line. That means if the signal goes on before the start of the next end then only one more end will be played.
  • Please arrive at the ice rink on time. We all want to enjoy good ice and to guarantee that our ice-makers need to have enough time to prepare the ice.
  • Win – 2 points, draw – 1 point, loss – 0 points.
  • Immediately following the first game all teams make a “Draw Shot Challenge” competition (brushing and calling allowed). The throws will be made towards the home end. Winning team starts. Classification: stone touches 12-foot circle – 1 point, touches 8-foot circle – 2 points, 4-foot – 3 points, partly on the button – 4 points, button (completely covering the center hole) – 5 points. The score for each team is the sum of the points of 3 best players.
  • After the third round, all teams will be re-divided into three groups according to their ranking (1-6, 7-12 and 13-18). Teams in the C-group should be ready to play 2 games consecutively if they drop to Group 13-18.
  • Ranking order in any stage of competition fill be following: points, then ends, “Tee-Shot” score, then stone difference.
  • We ask all the players to return the stones to the home end when the game is finished.
  • There will be live scoring available on the web, therefore we ask everybody to put the score on the scoreboard as soon as possible.
  • Team Skip’s will be asked for a signature after every game. This will ensure that the score of the game is final. Later complaints will not be discussed.
  • If a measure is needed then this will be done by the umpire. If the umpire is not on site at this exact moment then this shall be done by the players.